The Hidden Genetic Landscape of AFib Explored

The Hidden Genetic Landscape of AFib Explored
Have you ever wondered why heart conditions like AFib seem to run in some families? Join us as we unravel this mystery with esteemed guest, Dr. Michael Koren - a renowned cardiologist and research scientist who delves into the genetic implications of AFib. Dr. Koren lifts the veil on this common heart condition, enlightening us on its connection to high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and heart disease, and the heightened risk of stroke it presents. 

Get ready to journey into the world of cutting-edge medical research as Dr. Koren shares fascinating insights into his team's work. Discover how they're leveraging advanced monitoring devices to get a better understanding of conditions that may lead to AFib and learn about the potential of clinical trials to open doors to groundbreaking treatment options. This enlightening episode is a must-listen for anyone with a keen interest in medicine and healthcare. Don't miss out on this opportunity to better understand the truth behind the data in medicine and healthcare with Dr. Michael Koren!

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Recording Date: August 07, 2023