Reframing the Classic New Year's Wish: Health, Happiness, and Prosperity

Reframing the Classic New Year's Wish: Health, Happiness, and Prosperity
Reframing the Classic New Year's Wish: Health, Happiness, and Prosperity

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Welcome to the MedEvidence Monday Minute Radio Show hosted by Kevin Gettings of WSOS St Augustine Radio and powered by ENCORE Research Group. Each Monday morning, Dr. Michael Koren calls in to bring you the latest medical updates with insightful discussions. MedEvidence is where we help you navigate the real truth behind medical research, with both a clinical and research perspective. So sit back, relax and get ready to learn about the truth behind the data in medicine and health care. This is MedEvidence.

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There we go, Lots of good shows lined up, by the way, for 2024. Hey, we're excited to have on the line right now Dr. Michael Koren, a big friend of WSOS. He joins us. He, of course a research scientist, a doctor, cardiologist. You can always connect with him and ENCORE Research Group by going to ENCOREdocs. com and they have offices right here in St John's County. And happy new year, Dr Koren.

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Happy new year to you, Kevin.

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We were talking off the air, but oftentimes, whether it's a card or whether you say it online or whatever, we usually wish people a happy, healthy and prosperous new year. But we can dive a little deeper into that. What does that really mean, other than just being some sort of flippant term we might use with somebody?

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Yeah, it's a fabulous greeting to wish somebody some positive thoughts for the new year, but let's break it down. I like that request. So we'll start from the third position and move to the first position. So prosperous is a great word. We don't say happy, healthy and wealthy new year, because that would be a little gauche, but we say prosperous because that means more in terms of whatever you put your efforts in, we hope it gets rewarded, rather than saying you're going to make a bunch of money. So it's a great word, and from a research standpoint, I really like that word, because people that participate in research are prosperous because their efforts are rewarded through both financial payments that we make for a lot of the studies as well as the affirmation of knowing that they're actually participating in something very important that helps not only themselves but family members and other people around the world. So I would consider that a great example of being prosperous. So that covers prosperous, and then healthy, of course, is something that makes sense in the health care industry, but it is actually two elements to that. So healthy infers, on one hand, that you don't get sick, and for people who are fortunately doing well and don't, have any illnesses. The idea of staying healthy and not getting sick is very important, and certainly in the research world we help people achieve that goal by giving them vaccines and other things that actually prevent the development of illness. But healthy can also mean taking whatever medical condition you have and being able to tolerate it with the best possible health, and of course, in research we do that as well. So, whether it's NASH fatty liver disease, that is, or coronary artery disease, or congestive heart failure, or the pedic problems, or being very overweight and not being able to handle things, we have a program that will keep you healthy, and health may not necessarily be perfectly normal. That'll mean getting the best possible results from whatever your condition is. And then, finally, you have happy, which is number one and probably most important. And what I've learned over the years, Kevin, is things that people get don't make them happy, but things that they accomplish do make them happy, and I actually feel good about that, going to 2024. You know our organization is a fabulous, growing organization throughout the state of Florida at this point, and I think it's been, it's grown and it's done well because we help people become happy, both our employees and our patients, and they become happy because they're accomplishing something, they're doing good, they're taking on a project and then becoming successful with that project, whether they're doing that as a worker in our company or as a patient who gets the services of the company. So from that standpoint I feel very happy that we make people happy. There you go.

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Hey, if you're just tuning in, that is the voice of Dr. Michael Koren and he joins us usually on Monday mornings, but obviously yesterday was the holiday and we're talking about that greeting. We all give each other or we at least think it happy, healthy, prosperous new year. Have a happy, healthy, prosperous new year. And indeed, before I let you go, Dr. Koren, there is a pretty good connection, right? We've learned over the years and when you talk to seniors especially, they will tell you that being healthy really goes a long way to being happy.

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No question, no question. And it's always a focal point and as you get older it becomes a more and more important focal point. So we're proud of the fact that we are involved in that process of helping people achieve their best possible health outcome.

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Yeah, Dr. Michael Koren, of course you can participate in these clinical trials and, yes, perhaps be entitled to some compensation, but also be on the leading edge of medical research. It could benefit whatever health condition you are dealing with. You also get some of the best healthcare you ever had. Go to ENCOREdocs. com. And of course, they can take care of you right here in St Augustine and St John's County at their offices near UF Flagler Hospital. Go to ENCOREdocs. com. That's ENCOREdocs. com. You can also call punch this number into your cell phone 904-730-0166. Once again, that's 904-730-0166. And maybe you made a New Year's resolution too, that you wanted to get some better healthcare information, not just trust Dr. Google all the time. Dr. Koren, you have a way to help folks with that resolution as well.

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We do. We have our MedEvidence platform, and it's a wonderful way to learn more about any healthcare issue in a very objective way. We talk about the truth behind the data and we do it in a way that's not just trying to sell people some sort of healthcare service. Rather, we're giving people all sides of a particular health issue and help them make their own decisions. So it's something that's actually growing in popularity. And actually, Kevin, these discussions we have each week are posted on MedEvidence and I actually get a lot of calls about them, so thank you for being part of it.

Kevin Geddings: 6:24

Yeah, thank you, and it is a great resource. So often you know we spend time. We do this. You jump in the middle of it, you're getting into the car. You didn't know what Dr. Koren was talking about two minutes ago. All that is available, just go to the website MedEvidence. com. That's MedEvidence. com. Dr. Koren, we hope you have a great day, great start of the year and a happy, healthy and prosperous 2024.

Dr. Michael Koren: 6:49

Same to you, Kevin. Happy, healthy and prosperous 2024 to you and your family.

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Unlock the deeper meaning behind the well-worn New Year's wish of health, happiness, and prosperity with Dr. Michael Koren, whose passion for medical research offers a fresh take on these timeless hopes. As a seasoned cardiologist and research scientist, Dr. Koren joins us to dissect this classic greeting, revealing the interconnectedness of these ideals within the realm of healthcare and personal fulfillment. Get set to transform your understanding of what it truly means to extend these well-wishes as we explore the tangible ways they manifest in our lives.

During our conversation, Dr. Koren unravels how prosperity goes beyond mere wealth, touching on the rewards of clinical research participation and the profound impact that contributing to medical advancements can have on individuals and communities. He explains the dual nature of health – preventing illness and optimizing the management of chronic conditions – and how his organization, ENCORE Research Group, propels both. Most poignant is the exploration of happiness, where Dr. Koren shares the insight that true contentment comes from achievement and contribution, not just from what we possess. This episode is a heartfelt reminder of the power behind our New Year's aspirations and an invitation to pursue them with intention in all aspects of our lives.

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Recording Date: January 2, 2023
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