Navigating the Future of Drug Delivery Systems

Navigating the Future of Drug Delivery Systems

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🕗 Navigating the Future of Drug Delivery Systems Ep 129




Ready to unravel the truth behind drug administration methods in medical research? Dr. Michael Koren and Kevin Geddings of WSOS St. Augustine Radio discuss the pros and cons of different methods of drug administration, particularly for cholesterol treatment and diabetes. Dr. Koren highlights the incredible progress in this area, explaining how these treatments function, from obstructing enzymes in the liver to blocking proteins in the circulation. We also explore the range of options available, from a daily pill to a twice-yearly shot, and speculate about the potential of oral forms of PCSK9 drugs. Whether you're a healthcare professional or just curious about the mysteries of medicine, this conversation will provide riveting insights.

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Recording Date: August 14, 2023
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