MedEvidence Monday Minute: A Musical Take on Medical Research

MedEvidence Monday Minute: A Musical Take on Medical Research

Don't miss our latest episode where we tug at the fascinating strings binding medical research and popular music with Kevin Geddings of WSOS, and  Dr. Michael Koren, a distinguished cardiologist and research scientist. Dr. Koren dissects the anatomy of a clinical research protocol, likening it to the experience of savoring an entire album, a stark contrast to the piecemeal approach of addressing separate health issues akin to tuning in to individual songs. This illuminating discourse gives you a fresh angle on the world of medical research, its role in healthcare, and how you can be a part of this journey.

Picture yourself tuning in to the whole album, each track revealing a new facet of the narrative, offering a holistic understanding. That's the experience Dr. Koren relates to participating in a clinical trial. Whether it is the short sprint of a brief study or the marathon of an intricate five-year-long trial, the entire journey unravels before your eyes, providing a comprehensive understanding. Add to this, our exhilarating trip down memory lane as we reminisce on classic albums, their impact, and how they were more than just the sum of their songs. Join us on this unique journey where the rhythm of medicine meets the harmony of music on the MedEvidence Monday Minute Radio Show.

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Music: Storyblocks - Corporate Inspired

Original Air Date: July 7, 2023