What is MedEvidence: Three Major Elements of Decision Making

What is MedEvidence: Three Major Elements of Decision Making
Risk vs. Benefits
Who You Are
Value vs. Convenience
Dose, the Devil is in the Details

Unearth the secrets to navigating the complex world of medicine and health issues with, Dr. Michael Koren, a top medical researcher and cardiologist. By tuning in, you'll gain a deep understanding of MedEvidence, a one-of-a-kind platform designed to help you evaluate medical products, services, tests, and claims objectively. We’ll illuminate the importance of evidence-based medicine, and explore the idea of risks versus benefits, a vital concept in making informed health decisions. Get a handle on how your individual factors can drastically affect these decisions, and why absolutes in healthcare often lead to inaccuracies.

In this compelling conversation, Dr. Koren breaks down the complexities of health claims, medications like statins and aspirin, and even the flood of healthcare information that inundates us daily. Learn how to view medical decisions through a risk versus benefit lens, and begin to recognize how understanding who you are can fundamentally shape these decisions. We also discuss the dangers of viewing health issues in absolutes and the resulting inaccuracies that can occur. Come along for this enlightening journey and arm yourself with the knowledge needed to confidently navigate the vast expanse of medical information.

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Part 1: Risk Vs Benefits - Release November 1, 2023

Part 2. Who You Are - Release November 8, 2023

Part 3: Value and Convenience - Release November 15, 2023

Part 4: Dose, the Devil is in the Details  - Release November 22,2023

Recording Date: October 13, 2023
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