Two Docs Talk Advanced Lipids

Two Docs Talk Advanced Lipids
Two Docs Talk Advanced Lipids Part 1
Two Docs Talk Advanced Lipids Part 2
Two Docs Talk Advanced Lipids Part 3
Two Docs Talk Advanced Lipids Part 4

Unlock the hidden mysteries of advanced lipid profiles with our insightful guest, Al Lopez, DO a respected internist with a special interest in lipids. Journey with us as we explore the sophisticated world of lipid profiles, dig into the data sets impacting heart and vascular disease, and reveal unseen risk factors that could be lurking in your health journey. Get an in-depth look at the intriguing bond between Jerry Garcia and advanced lipid profiles, and learn about the vital role of the ApoB protein. Discover the silent dyslipidemias hiding among those who are overweight, diabetic, or resistant.

We take it up a notch as we steer our conversation towards oxidized LDL and its profound health implications. With 20 years of experience in measuring oxidized LDLs under his belt, Dr. Lopez, DO enlightens us on their potential peril in the vascular bed and the formation of plaque. Gain exclusive knowledge on where these LDLs may be embedding themselves and the impact of lipoprotein A on our overall wellbeing. This episode is indeed a goldmine for all those keen to enhance their understanding of advanced lipid profiles and their bearing on our health.


Part 1: Release August 9, 2023

Part 2: Release August 16, 2023

Part 3: Release August 23, 2023

Part 4: Release August 30, 2023


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Recording Date: April 28, 2023
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