The Path to Inclusive Medical Advancements in African-American Health

The Path to Inclusive Medical Advancements in African-American Health

Have you ever wondered why diversity is needed in clinical research or why there may be unique challenges in engaging African-American communities in medical research? Dr. Michael Koren alongside Dr. Trevor Greene, peel back the layers of this complex issue. We tackle the delicate interplay between cultural sensitivity, revealing the stark differences within the Black community that influence participation in clinical trials. The episode is brimming with insights into the critical role of community leaders and relatable physicians in mending historical mistrust and laying the groundwork for progress in clinical research.

This heart-to-heart conversation traverses the shadow of the Tuskegee syphilis study, confronting its enduring impact on public trust head-on. As we recount the evolution of ethical research practices, we celebrate the advancements that have emerged from past mistakes, such as informed consent and increased transparency. A case study highlighting a 50% enrollment rate at a single site exemplifies the leaps made towards reconciling past breaches of trust. Join us for a profound discussion on the strides being taken to advance medical research and uplift community health, with Dr. Koren and Dr. Greene guiding us through the narrative of transformation and healing.

Podcast Paraphrase:
✅Diversity in Medicine
✅African-American Heart Failure Patients
✅Engage African American Community in Research
✅Clinical Research diversity needs for advancing medicine

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Recording Date: August 23, 2023
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