The Ortho Sipping Scotch

The Ortho Sipping Scotch
The Ortho Sipping Scotch Part 1: Innovation and Ingenuity in Medicine
The Ortho Sipping Scotch Part 2: Pioneering Orthopedics and the Complex Ethics of Treating Athletes
The Ortho Sipping Scotch Pt 3: Laughter & Libations in the Lab Orthopedic Advances & Scotch Studies

When paths converge in the realm of medicine, the result can be nothing short of extraordinary. Discover the serendipitous journey of Dr. Garry Kitay, esteemed orthopedic and hand surgeon, whose early exposure to the nuts and bolts of his father's hardware store set the stage for a career in the tactile world of orthopedics. In a revealing conversation, Dr. Michael Koren and Dr. Garry Kitay stitch together the tapestry of clinical research and personal calling, unraveling how a love for statistics and mathematics shepherded Dr. Koren's cardiology practice while Dr. Kitay's affinity for anatomy and hands-on healing carved out his surgical niche. Their discussion peels back the layers on the immediate satisfaction of surgical successes as opposed to the patient wait-and-see of internal medicine, offering a rare glimpse into the passions that pulse through the veins of healthcare professionals.

Step inside the meticulous framework of medical device regulation and witness the birth of innovation through the lens of the FDA's classification system. We dissect the distinctions between class one, two, and three devices, illuminating the pivotal role of clinical trials in the journey from concept to patient care. With the introduction of the hand immobilizer, a deceptively simple class one device poised to redefine surgical support, we navigate the ethical maze of informed consent and the gratifying challenges that accompany the design and implementation of medical advancements. Join us as we unravel the complexities of device innovation and patient care, all the while championing the collaborative spirit that drives medicine forward.

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Part 1: Innovation and Ingenuity in Medicine Release January 31, 2024

Take Home Talking Points:
✋Orthopedic Surgeon's Innovations in Medicine

✋Regulation and Innovation in Medical Devices

Part 2: Pioneering Orthopedics and the Complex Ethics of Treating Athletes Release February 7, 2024

✋Managing Hand Immobilizers and Patient Expectations

✋Pressure and Research in Sports Medicine

Part 3: Laughter and Libations in the Lab Orthopedic Advances and Scotch Studies Release February 14, 2024

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Recording Date: January 17, 2024
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