How NOT to Fail with Heart Failure

How NOT to Fail with Heart Failure

In the latest MedEvidence episode, join cardiologists Dr. Trevor Greene, Dr. Carlos Henriquez, and Dr. Michael Koren as they help you navigate heart failure, from symptoms to advanced therapies. 

Dive into the heart of heart failure treatment as we explore a multifaceted approach emphasizing personalized care. From diuretics and ACE inhibitors to groundbreaking SGLT2 inhibitors, The cardiologists provide a deep dive into the medications revolutionizing heart failure therapy. Discover the importance of regular follow-ups with healthcare providers to tailor treatments and enhance patient quality of life. This episode sheds light on the primary goals of heart failure therapy—extending lifespan, reducing hospitalizations, and improving overall patient well-being.

Finally, we tackle advanced treatment strategies and the substantial economic burden of heart failure. Learn about the role of devices like ICDs and CRTs in managing severe cases and the intriguing hormone relaxin, which might offer new hope for heart failure patients beyond pregnancy. The doctors also share practical advice on navigating the healthcare system and the impact of seasonal variations on heart failure management. Tune in for a wealth of knowledge and actionable insights that could transform the lives of heart failure patients and their caregivers.

Talking Points:

  • Understanding Heart Failure Epidemiology
  • Causes of Heart Failure 
  • Treatment Strategies for Heart Failure
  • Economics of Heart Failure
  • Role of Relaxin in Heart Health
  • Heart Failure Research

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Rebroadcast for WJCT Studios on May 29, 2024
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