Guardians of Trust in the Quest for Scientific Truth

Guardians of Trust in the Quest for Scientific Truth

Unlock the sacred trust between patient and researcher as Dr. Michael Koren and colleague Dr. Mitch Rothstein guide you through the ethical labyrinth of clinical research. Journey with us to the heart of human trials, where we merge the zeal for scientific breakthroughs with the solemn duty of patient advocacy. 

Discover the intricate dance of motivations for trial participants, from those seeking cutting-edge therapies to the altruistic souls aiming to etch their names into the annals of medical history, much like the volunteers in our COVID vaccine trials.

The tapestry of clinical research is woven with threads of ethics, meticulous regulation, and profound science. Follow along as we navigate the delicate balance of patient care within the rigors of a trial, addressing the surprises that surface, from unexpected lab results to unforeseen side effects. Every step reasserts our unwavering commitment to patient welfare, cementing the cornerstone of ethical research—patients first, always.

Be a part of advancing science by participating in clinical research

Statement of Clinical Investigator Competence

Recording Date: March 27, 2024
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